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Who we are

SL Math Education & Tutoring Center was founded in London Ontario by Dr. Liang. Dr. Liang holds a Bachelor degree in math education, a PhD in math from China and a PhD in applied math from Canada (UWO). He has more than twenty years of experience teaching and tutoring math at both secondary school and university levels.
Dr. Liang's teaching and tutoring skills lead students to learn not only WHAT but more importantly WHY, and to change their learning styles from memorizing to understanding. As a result, learning math is no longer a burden, but a pleasure. Over the years, his excellence in math teaching and tutoring has been recognized by students and their parents.

Services & Courses

One-On-One Tutoring

Offer one-on-one personalized math tutoring to students at all levels: elementary school, secondary school, college and university. Our favorite subjects are grade 9-12 secondary school math, and university math, such as courses in Calculus, Linear Algebra and Differential Equations

Enriched Math Courses

On the one hand, by mastering the WHAT and WHY, students will have a very clear idea for every building block, consequently lay a solid math foundation. On the other hand, by analyzing various problems , students’ ability to solve math problems will be greatly improved. We offer grades 9 to 12 secondary school enriched math courses

Math Contest Training

Mainly cultivate students’ ability to solve math problems and to win math contests, so as to enhance their interest in learning math. We offer grades 3 to 12 math contest training

Methods of Tutoring

Besides the traditional in-person tutoring, online tutoring over Zoom is also available. Online tutoring is as effective as in-person tutoring, and it saves you time.

News of the Center

  1. Congratulations to Atif for obtaining 94 in Advanced Functions!
  2. Congratulations to Matthew for being the 1st out of 14599 in the Caribou Mathematics Contest (October 2023)!
  3. Congratulations to Emery for being in the top 1% (25th out of 10973) in the Caribou Mathematics Contest (April 2023)!
  4. Congratulations to Ballerina, Stone, Jeffrey and Mark for being admitted to the University of Waterloo and the University of Toronto! 

Learn from the best

Do you feel upset when you don’t know how to solve math problems? Are you disappointed with your school’s incomprehensible math classes? Are you frustrated with poor math scores? Contact us today and  start building a solid math foundation for your future

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